Golden Noose

by Surrender

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Released on Ourblock Records 4/26/13


released April 26, 2013

Recorded by Jacob Scott at Zombielife Studios in Joplin, MO



all rights reserved


Surrender Springfield, Missouri

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Track Name: Golden Noose (Featuring Kyle Roller)
Hanging by this golden noose,
Left waiting at the gallows end
Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead
Hanging by this golden fucking noose
Pulling tighter, and tighter
Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead.

I'm waiting for my time
While vultures eat out my eyes
Stress builds, my head explodes
Teeth crumble inside
Gums bleeding, jaw breaking
Throat snapped by weight
Golden noose around my neck
I fucking hate today.

So I wait for the gates, I wait for the hounds
Eternity of suffering I'm hell bound
Fuck this. I'm waiting for the end.
This is sounds, of death.

Muffled screams. No mercy.

End. End. End.
Track Name: I'm Not Sorry
Pressure exceeds.
Promising death.
Feel myself suffocating
Unrelenting stress.
I am a mess.
I am a wreck.
I am a mess.

Feeling the pain of grinding my teeth.
Losing my grip on reality.
Slowly slipping into, insanity.
I am weak.

The thoughts of putting the gun to my head.
Tearing out my eyes
Smashing my skull till I'm dead.
Relentless abuse to cause endless pain.
Ruthless struggle to end this pain.
Waiting to choke, by the end of a rope
Waiting to choke, waiting.
I’m done
Track Name: Advocate (Featuring Hal Crossno Of Blackhole)
No faith in man. No faith in God.
I've spent my whole life screaming, but he won't talk.
No pathway to follow. No master, no judge.
I won't spend my life on my knees waiting to rot.

I won't search for something I'll never find.
I lost my faith in you.
I’ll keep my faith inside
Save me from the shackles
Released from the chains

Burning alive..

You think you can save me?
Save me from what.
Grasp at my pockets through insecurities
Take your hope from my head, I will force you
Track Name: Watch You Decay
I can stand to watch you suffer.
I can stand to watch you die.
I’m not afraid to be the cause.
Let the vultures and dirt consume your life.

I'll stay to watch you decay

Decay. Decay. Decay.

Dirt. Six feet under
Cascate, the where your headed.
Your dead last.
Track Name: Bothered
Dwelling in anger.
Chained to regret.
Stuck in states of hopelessness, no sign of repent.
Constant reminders of why I'm still here.
I’m a constant reminder of everything I fear.

I am anxious. I am depressed.
I am in a constant struggle of keeping myself from choking to death.
I need to be saved. I need to be helped.
I won't be bothered by thoughts of death.

No longer can I tell myself that I'll be okay.
I've got myself into this, now I need an escape.
No longer will I tell myself I'm just alright.
When I know, this is what keeps me up at night.

And I set myself up for disappoint.
I let myself down.
I bother myself.
I am troubled inside. Desperate for struggle.
Or to stay. Alive.
Track Name: Tomb (Featuring Joe Strong)
I’m alone. I can’t find a home.
I don’t trust the ones I love.
I don’t trust the ones I know.
I’m trapped in this tomb
Air getting thinner.
Pressure. Pressure.
I feel this pressure.
I don’t feel a pulse.

Tear the life from my body.
Take the air from my lungs.
Suffocate. Suffocate. Suffocate.

Darkness engulfed me.
All I feel is this pressure.
I’m still loveless.
I know how alone I am.
None of you were here for me.
Just. Let. Me. Be.

There’s no fucking point in anything I do.
All these things I’ve learned from you.
I’m worthless I'm failing I’m choking.
I’m dying.
Track Name: Failure
Staying to watch the world end:
and the pigs they still survive.
We’ll end up in the dirt together, someday.

Generation is dead.
Youth fighting youth.
Doing all that the can.
Lost inside.